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Rising to the Top: Volume IV

Rising to the Top: Volume IV

African women engineering leaders share their journeys to professional success

ByInternational Federation of Engineering Education SocietiesGlobal Engineering Deans Council

Rising to the Top IV provides an intimate, inspiring and thought-provoking look into the varied experiences that have shaped the lives and careers of women engineering leaders from across the diverse African continent. This is a region known for specific challenges that include the legacy of colonialism, civil and internecine warfare, famine and lack of access to basic services. Despite this, Africa is also a continent rich with creativity, innovation and a commitment to community upliftment. It is these rich and fascinating contrasts that you will experience by reading the journeys of leading female engineers based there. These stories are by no means technical, instead they are alive with insight and both engaging and entertaining, presented as interviews, memoirs and third-person biographies. Engineers are changemakers who play a critical role in solving the grand challenges facing humanity—and it’s a role that will be even more important in the coming decades as our world continues to change apace. For innovations to continue to evolve, it’s necessary to balance gender representation in the field and ensure engineering advancements include all members of society. By openly sharing their personal journeys in these pages, our African authors hope to not only inspire the next generation of engineering leaders, but also provide valuable insight into the challenges facing women engineers around the world, and the opportunities that are theirs for the taking.


Publication Date
Oct 29, 2021
Biographies & Memoirs
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By (author): International Federation of Engineering Education Societies, By (author): Global Engineering Deans Council



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