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Holy Bible Aionian Edition: STEPBible, Amalgamant

ByNainoia Inc

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The Holy Bible Aionian Edition is the world's first Bible un-translation! This Bible helps us understand God's love for everyone and after-life destinies. What is an un-translation? This Bible shows the locations of ten key Greek and Hebrew words. The primary word shown is aionios, typically translated eternal, yet aionios means something more wonderful than infinite time! Greeks used aionios to mean entirety, even consummate, but never merely infinite time. So the aionios life promised in John 3:16 is not simply a ticket to future eternal life, but the invitation to consummate life now! Aionios life with Christ is better than forever. This Bible is in the English language, with source: STEPBible, year 2023, from, free at, and also known as The Purple Bible. Apocryphal text is removed and verses renumbered to the English standard. This text is a Bible translator resource from the STEPBible Tyndale Amalgamated Hebrew and Greek. The Greek text is tagged 1) 'NA=TR' (default Nestle/Aland = Textus Receptus) 133,304 words from NA27/28+TR+others with same meaning, 2) 'NA~TR' 3,922 words from NA27/28 with different meanings in TR, 3) 'NA-TR' 761 words in NA27/28 not in TR, 4) 'KJV' 3,573 words in TR not in NA27/28, 5) 'KJV+' 3,573 words in TR+Older Bibles but not in NA27/28, 6) 'KJV++' 227 words in TR+Modern Bibles but not in NA27/28, and 7) 'NATR?' 245 words not found in NA27/28 or TR. New Testament study is revolutionized by the discovery of earlier manuscripts in the North African sands and other discoveries. The NA text is based mostly on these earlier manuscripts, but the TR text was compiled from later ones, before the earlier ones were found. Later scribes often removed ambiguities with changes like adding the name 'Jesus' instead of 'he', adding prepositions such as 'with' and 'to' instead of relying on Greek dative and genitive cases, and occasionally adding phrases to clarify the text. There are no instances of changed theology, confirmed by the huge failed effort to find even one.


Publication Date
Aug 9, 2022
Religion & Spirituality
Creative Commons NoDerivatives (CC BY-ND)
By (author): Nainoia Inc


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