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Lessons in Gnani Yoga: The Yoga of Wisdom

By$2 Publishing House

Students of Yoga are not only looking to reach peace within their bodies, but also their minds. We present to you, the Student, an opportunity to delve more deeply into the lessons of Gnani Yoga, the Yoga of Wisdom.... Lessons in Gnani Yoga: The Yoga of Wisdom This book gives the highest Yogi teachings regarding the absolute and its manifestations. To Learn the Underlying Truths, Everyone Should Learn the Wisdom of Gnani Yoga In this course of Lessons in Gnani Yoga, we shall take up the subject of "Gnani Yoga"--the Yoga of Wisdom, and will endeavor to make plain some of its most important and highest teachings. And, we trust that in so doing, we shall be able to awaken in you a still higher realization of your relationship with the One, and a corresponding Love for that in which you live, and move and have your being. We ask for your loving sympathy and cooperation in our task.


Publication Date
May 31, 2012
Religion & Spirituality
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