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MOOT MUSINGS: A traveller's guide to a consultation constellation

ByA. Frederick Flynn

Broad and sweeping. I set out to write a piece of literature that was different from the typical novel. I wanted something that had the elements of a novel and the breezy brevity of poetry. The index at the very start, outlines the titles of each piece and the characters contained within-the setting. The basic novel is more basic than novel! Dostoevsky and Joyce mastered the novel.Could something be done with poetry,where one chapter starts with an aging timeline and the others outline different situations, institutions, facades, loves, innuendos,and emotions that one may come in contact? This book is very intricate, but it is also breezy and can speak to various issues with wit and reverence. The more you read it the more you will get from it (it is riddled with puns). This book was written for people that have more than one bookmark-in use.This book could not be anymore ubiquitous and still have such stable structure. Each stand on their own and sit together. I want people to take comfort in it. Enjoy.


Publication Date
Sep 28, 2011
Personal Growth
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By (author): A. Frederick Flynn



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