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Before I Travel Light: The Man Who Walked Out of the World

ByA Greenman

A. Greenman is a master gapster, heading off on extreme and perpetual gaps years for a decade. But what leads a man to try and walk off the grid? In the prequel to: 'I Travel Light The Man Who Walked Out of the World', 'Before I Travel Light' looks at the extraordinary years which lead up to a nomad's raw and epic journey around the world. As a young boy, Greenman has mysterious sensations, perhaps even out of body experiences. It is disorientating, a feeling which is exacerbated when he is repeatedly bullied and beaten senseless. As a result, he often feels ‘punch drunk,’ and as he grows up, he struggles to manage with everyday life. Under overwhelming stress, the young man tries to find ways to cope with the retail bicycle business he owns, and turns to recreational drugs. He goes out one day to buy a pint of milk and never returns. It is the beginning of a long and arduous journey, in which the wanderer tries to walk out of the world as he knows it...leaving the rat-race behind. A true story reality novel.


Publication Date
May 21, 2012
Travel & Adventure
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By (author): A Greenman



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