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(PDF)The Adventures of a Greenman Series: (Part 13) Raw Travel Europe

(PDF)The Adventures of a Greenman Series: (Part 13) Raw Travel Europe

ByA Greenman

In Part 13, we see the enchanting European raw travels of a Greenman, the true story of a modern day nomad who journeys through England, Wales, Scotland, France, Portugal, Spain, Hungary, Latvia, Ukraine, Crete and Italy. Often volunteering with the W.W.O.O.F movement (World Wide Opportunities/Willing Workers on Organic Farms), or independently making his way. Living in all manner of places, from woods to wigwams, ruins to rustic dwellings. This poetical and philosophical ditty is a professional traveller’s bible, with seemingly endless anecdotes of the extraordinary ways which Adam works and wonders his way around Europe. Led by a keen sense of intuition, the wanderer seems to turn up that right place at the right time. Working as a Woodworker, English teacher and Farmer, he marvels his way around Europe over a decade. Finally meeting himself head on and going about a massive personal transformation, as Adam reintegrates back into the modern world as we know it. Written in 3rd person as literary non-fiction.


Publication Date
Dec 21, 2011
Travel & Adventure
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By (author): A Greenman



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