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(PDF)The Adventures of a Greenman Series: (Part 5) Raw Travel India

ByA Greenman

'The Adventures of a Greenman' is a 15 part, true short story series, about the real life experiences of a modern day nomad called Adam, who wanders his way around the earth for a decade. The parts collectively form the epic:'I Travel Light: The Man Who Walked Out of the World'. In Part 5,‘Raw Travel India’, Adam sets off to find an old wooden fishing boat to buy in Kerala, to live on for a while. Leaving England without even any luggage, on a one way ticket, and staying in the mysterious land of India for 6 months. He buys a bicycle in the north, proceeding to ride south. When he tires, he hops on the train and meets all kinds of delights. Upon reaching the south, he finds an old boat and buys it, along with a weeks tution from a local man. All is going swimmingly well until he is faced with a tsunami, which he lives through and then aids the relief efforts. Eventually returning to England, before setting off on another epic journey, to New Zealand, in 'Part 6' of ‘The Adventures of a Greenman Series’


Publication Date
Dec 21, 2011
Travel & Adventure
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): A Greenman



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