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The Adventures of a Greenman Series: (Part 7) Raw Travel Wales

ByA Greenman

‘The Adventures of a Greenman' is a 15 part, short story series, about the real life experiences of a nomad called Adam, who wanders his way around the earth for a decade. The parts collectively form the epic: 'I Travel Light: The Man Who Walked Out of the World'. In Part 7, Adam settles in an old miner’s cottage, in a remote Welsh hamlet. Resting after nearly 6 years of wandering, he bakes his own bread and makes furniture by the light and heat of the fire which roars away in his home. Roaming the incredibly beautiful land he finds himself in, and recuperating from his nomadic adventures around the world. All the time, he is building up to an epic journey, to leave home one day with only his passport and a toothbrush, and with no fixed destination, set off on walkabout without even a bag. How he does it is extraordinary, renouncing every single one of his worldly possessions. There we leave 'Raw Travel Wales', in preparation for Part 8 and 9, as Adam travels by his intuition again. A true story.


Publication Date
Dec 26, 2011
Travel & Adventure
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By (author): A Greenman



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