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Speculations on Eternity

Speculations on Eternity

ByA. Harold Sparks

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What is the nature of eternal life? It’s an impossible subject on which to give detail, because it is all speculation. This book offers one man’s speculations on what the experience might be like. The author refers to the work as documentary fiction. Although primarily fiction, it is documentary in the sense that he also uses Bible references, as well as other historical narratives. “My purpose is to solidify the reader’s belief in the reality of the eternal life in the presence of God in Heaven. Actually the idea of Heaven in most people’s minds is a very vague and unreal place, far off and unknown, a future left in the hands of God," Sparks says. “I have come to feel that we really know more than that...and we can use our imaginations to fill in some detail to make the afterlife much more real and appealing than the popular vagueness most of us hold in our minds."


Publication Date
Sep 11, 2011
Religion & Spirituality
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By (author): A. Harold Sparks


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