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The Book of 1 Ariel 1-11

ByAaron Quincy

"If you’ve ever imagined what it may be like to become an angel, this is the book for you!" This is the first eleven chapters of The Book of 1 Ariel. Finding out she is to be an angel, Ariel sets out to be the best angel she can possibly be. Ariel wants to be perfect. Besides, doesn't being an angel require perfection? She is soon tasked with watching over an eight-year-old girl named Natalie - a task that turns out to be more complex than she ever imagined. Every decision Ariel makes can alter the course of Natalie's life. The lines between what is right and what is wrong as well as what is just and what is unjust blur. And, throughout it all, there is one question Ariel battles with all of her being: What happens if she doesn't succeed? The Book of 1 Ariel uniquely captures an angel's hopes and dreams as well as her doubts and fears. It is a thrilling, page-turner, one that reveals as much about the afterlife as it does about the very things that make us human.


Publication Date
Jun 21, 2012
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): Aaron Quincy



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