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Blueprint for the New Earth

ByAdi LambornClaudia Naemsch Edwards

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Guided by many master beings from the highest realms of divinity, Adi has been receiving advanced spiritual training since her early childhood to see, understand and share the most ancient secrets of creation. Her multidimensional teachers and guides accompanied her on a fascinating journey of cosmic revelations and initiations into the highest states of expansion and consciousness for several decades. Adi’s inner teacher, the great guide of humanity Yogananda, initiated her lightbody to perceive the entirety of cosmic existence before 2012. This was just a preparation for a remarkable planetary mission: to overwrite the outdated planetary grid of consciousness and activate a new, yet ancient, planetary network. The energetic download of the book of the 33 CODES was given as an assignment to Adi during out-of-body travel in January 2021. She was taken to dimensions outside the Earth to meet with a high council, lovingly supporting the evolution of humanity. The council of the dimension of the New Earth asked Adi to sit down in meditation for 33 consecutive days to “scribe” the 33 CODES as energetically coded words and create a physical book. The instructions were very clear: the printed book of the 33 CODES would serve as a multidimensional vortex through which Source diamond – golden energy and frequencies would be anchored into the planetary grid of consciousness. This book is a multidimensional portal of magic and mystery to enter and root deeply into the planetary body of Mother Earth. By inviting these 33 CODES into your life and space, you are creating a steady vortex for the highest good for humanity and the Earth to be expressed as a whole new reality - the New Earth. The frequency, potency and vibration of the 33 CODES is enhanced immensely by the activating artwork included in the book. By owning this book, you are actively reprogramming and upgrading the planetary grid of consciousness. The New Earth is in your hands.


Publication Date
Sep 25, 2021
Religion & Spirituality
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): Adi Lamborn, Illustrated by: Claudia Naemsch Edwards, Illustrated by: Lauren Behrmann, Illustrated by: Raven Zeller


Interior Color
US Trade (6 x 9 in / 152 x 229 mm)

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