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The All-In-One Business Planner (Spiral)

ByAdrian Cox-Settles

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This All-In-One Business Planner is part of a collection of other items including various 2023 Calendars, Poetry Book Be (in all forms), Planners, Journals, Notary logs books, and more that were created by Adrian Cox-Settles on Amazon. A simple yet highly effective planner to keep you organized in all aspects of your business. From branding to email marketing and your business sales strategy, this business planner has EVERYTHING YOU NEED. ✅ Outlining your business plan, sales, and marketing strategy ✅ Developing a clear and consistent brand ✅ Email marketing planning ✅ Planning your social media content strategy for success ✅ Tracking Inventory ✅ Tracking your finances ✅ Planning and productivity in your life and business ✅ Figuring out who your ideal clients are and how your offers can align with their needs ✅ Planning your business policies ✅ Product planning ✅ Gaining clarity in your business and setting clear goals ✅ Doing a competitor analysis to help you level up in your niche Table Of Content ✅ SETTING GOALS & CLARITY Monthly goal breakdown S.W.O.T analysis Current business clarity breakdown Business goal breakdown Yearly goals Monthly goals ✅ COMPETITORS Fun 5 task competitor analysis 5-pages for 5 competitors tracker Competitor strengths & weaknesses ✅ BUSINESS PLAN OUTLINE & MARKETING STRATEGY 2-page business plan outline 3-page sales & marketing strategy outline ✅ BUSINESS POLICY Terms of service Privacy policy Returns policy Shipping and handling ✅ Business Branding Brand purpose Brand values 2-page mission statement BrandbBoard Mood board Branding Checklist Logo checklist & outline worksheet Brand voice ✅ IDEAL CLIENTS 5-page Ideal client planning sheets (demographic & psychographic) ✅ SOCIAL MEDIA PLANNING Content pillars Content repurposing Giveaway & campaign planner Content planning sheet Weekly content planner FB, IG, Twitter, Pinterest planner FB, IG, Twitter, and Pinterest checklist Stats Tracker ✅ PRODUCT PLANNING Monthly. & holiday product planner New project planner New product ideas planner Product pricing Order & invoice form New product marketing plan ✅ EMAIL MARKETING Email marketing comparison chart Conversion rate tracker Lead magnet ideas planner Funnel overview & planner Email planner – 2-pages ✅ FINANCIAL PLANNING Finance & income goals pages Expense, income, cost & profit, taxes, sales, bills, & account trackers Debt payment & budget planners ✅ INVENTORY PLANNING Inventory tracker & log Returns, discount


Publication Date
Dec 22, 2022
Business & Economics
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): Adrian Cox-Settles


Coil Bound
Interior Color
US Letter (8.5 x 11 in / 216 x 279 mm)

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