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Scalextric - The Ultimate Guide. Edition9, Volume 10 Listings - DL

ByAdrian Norman

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What is the Scalextric Ultimate Guide book series? The purpose of this series of books is to record everything ever made by Scalextric in all of its production facilities around the world to preserve the history of this ground-breaking toy and hobby that has been a part of so many peoples lives, young and old, since the 1950s and continuing to do so today. In the 60+ years of Scalextric since 1957 there have been over one-thousand race sets produced, over five-thousand model cars and hundreds of items of track, buildings, catalogues and accessories. Scalextric has been manufactured in thirteen countries. The various owners of Scalextric only kept records of current production plus a reasonable back catalogue of spare parts and documents for the purpose of servicing customer’s needs. Commercially, it was untenable for the owners to maintain a record of every product made. This book serves to ensure that the history is recorded for posterity. Who needs a Scalextric Ultimate Guide book? Anyone interested in the history of Scalextric or anyone intending to collect Scalextric models will benefit from the latest books. Many collectors choose a theme. For instance, collecting only yellow cars, or cars produced from 2000 onwards, or only Limited Editions are common. Some collect just catalogues, buildings, Ford or Aston Martin cars whilst other collectors find only cars made in France or Australia a fascinating theme. Other themes include pre-productions samples, Code 3 models, models 1-100 or models only from the 1960s or even pre-1960s, and, of course, EVERYTHING! With the substantial worldwide growth of the community of Scalextric collectors fed by a huge back catalogue of Scalextric items and the targeted marketing campaign by Scalextric (Hornby Hobbies) at the collector market it has become increasingly necessary to update this series of books with the latest products as well as previously undiscovered items of interest. When is the Scalextric Ultimate Guide book required? As a collector, it is better to plan ahead by understanding what options there are and how many items there are needed to complete the collection. Having a copy of this book from the beginning will help any collector to achieve their goal. Why would a collector need the Scalextric Ultimate Guide books? Many collectors begin collecting before consciously realising that they have started! Perhaps, all it required was a Scalextric set and a few extra cars to race, then a few more…!


Publication Date
Mar 17, 2022
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): Adrian Norman


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