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SUPP UP. Nutrition and Fat Loss Guide - The BEST of Its Kind

Byajay agni

The SUPP UP. No Bull Nutrition Guide makes sure eating stays enjoyable, teaching people how to provide their bodies with what they need most while focusing on their goals of fat loss, maintenance, or muscle gain. It gives you the ability to turn your kitchen into an effortless food lab, making meals nutrient dense while preserving your freedom to choose what you want to eat, without sacrificing favorites. I was very familiar with the word “discipline” – my father and grandfather were both in the military back when conscription was still a thing, and certain habits and expectations were transferred into the family household. Growing into an adult, this caused me to think and work in a very speci몭c way. Where there was choice, I would exercise it fully and gain maximum use out of opportunities… and where there wasn’t, I would 몭nd ways to make limitations work in the best way possible. SUPP UP. was born from years of cumulative knowledge and circumstance. Man’s greatest gift is being able to exercise the mind during circumstance and limitation. The mind is a funny this.


Publication Date
Nov 16, 2021
Health & Fitness
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By (author): ajay agni



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