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Blood Diamonds and the Quest for Eternity Part One

ByAl Notman Noteman

Explicit Content
This story is Fiction but it is based on real people acting in the fictional manner throughout the story a full list of the Characters is provided at the end of the book. The author Travelled to many of the locations by Sailing boat during a 16000-mile voyage from Cape Town to the UK via Brazil and the Caribbean, he also spent many years working in the Diamond mine in Namibia where the story idea started to germinate so a lot of the events actually happened. The cover page explains the plot , The story opens in Cape Town where a strange deformed body is found on the slopes of Table Mountain and this sets the scene for some grueome life extension procedures later in the book. A huge Cashe of Blood Diamonds were moved from the mine by PLAN a terrorist organisation who planned to use the wealth on overthrowing SWAPO the recently elected government of Namibia. The Directors of the Diamond mine discover this and recruit Karl Muller, a battle hardened Ex Mercenary to recover these priceless gems which were now on a fishing boat heading for Angola. There is lots of violence, sex and drugs involved in the story especially when a Reformed drug lord takes an interest in what he finds about the largest Gem theft the world has ever seen. I enjoyed re-living the memories of working on the mine then sailing past them on our journey of a lifetime, so I dedicate the story to my late wife Sonia, my son Dion who was my first mate aboard the yacht and my two daughters Simone and Lisa who both helped to build the boat. My good friend Roy who applied the fine teak veneers also provided some of the Photos which will appear in Part Two. Enjoy this adventure a lot of it did happen especially during the 16000-miles at sea. Al Noteman


Publication Date
Feb 2, 2021
Some Rights Reserved - Creative Commons (CC BY)
By (author): Al Notman Noteman



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