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Boris Returns A Hero!

ByAlan Brewis

It’s not easy being different from everyone else – and boy was Boris different! On the outside he looked like any other spider you may have stepped on or ran away from, but on the inside he was unique! Abandoned by his mum at an early age because of his ‘problem’, he was brought up by Aunt Maura, who soon got used to his farting and cared for him as though he were her very own son. Boris was looking forward to the big summer holidays, when he could hike to his secret web and spend his days exploring, and he only had a few more days to wait. When school finally broke up for the summer, Boris said goodbye to Aunt Maura and made his way to his secret web, - one happy and content spider! It was then that his dream of rescuing a beautiful girl from certain death, falling in love, and returning home a Hero, actually came true! Isn’t it strange how things can turn out sometimes?


Publication Date
Sep 29, 2011
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): Alan Brewis



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