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Delhi Andrews Ganj Land Scam

HUDCO Scam Series

ByAlborz Azar

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In the HUDCO Scam Series by Alborz Azar, he reveals land scams over the last twenty-five years that will go down as mind-boggling in India's history. The Great Land Grab involves the transfer of agriculture between urban land and corporate giants, all fighting to secure power over the most precious lands in India. In this book, Andrews Ganj Land is in the heart of New Delhi. According to The Economic Times, "The Supreme Court directed the Centre to specify the action it was taking on the recommendations of Central Vigilance Commission against the persons allegedly involved in Rs 14,500 crore HUDCO loan scam." In USD, this is 2730 million. In Webster's Dictionary, the word scam literally means to deceive someone in fraud. In this case, one of the people harmed in the scam was Pavan Sachdeva. The initial scheme drove MS Shoes to incredible legal proceedings that cost Pavan twenty-five years fighting to get the monies MS Shoes paid to HUDCO due to various misrepresentations and concealing material facts. But still, no money was received while waiting for a decision by the Supreme Court because of the dispute between the government and HUDCO. The journey taught Pavan how to unveil bureaucracy, a political system that deals with underhanded dishonest games. In his years as a lawyer, Pavan stated he felt that the legal system is another gray area that must be overhauled to ensure justice happens on time; one set of laws where everyone is held accountable in the same way. The media has brought light to many situations where, right or wrong, someone was condemned just to pursue a story. In their propaganda, they like to use the word scam. The word most often fills coffers by doing something underhanded, instead of following legal pathways. However, the current system operates by rationalizing personal favors as righteous. Then, as the scam is exposed to the public, innocent people take the fall. India has no shortage of scams, including financial scams, land scams, drug scams, and many other topics. In the Scam Series authored by Alborz Azar, he reveals exactly fifteen, because those are the only ones that can be revealed to the public at this time.


Publication Date
Jul 22, 2021
Business & Economics
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): Alborz Azar


Interior Color
US Trade (6 x 9 in / 152 x 229 mm)

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