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Doctrines and Theologies of the Church of Jesus Christ

Book of the Law of the Lord, General Smith’s Views of the Powers & Policy of the Government of the United States, Theology of the Church of Christ, Excerpt from Epistles of the Saints, A Vision of the Father, the Mother & the Son, Fundamental Truths

ByThe Church of Jesus Christ in Christian FellowshipJames Strang

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To better understand the Latter Day Saint Movement, not merely one sect but the larger movement the Lord began with Joseph Smith Jr. and continued with his contemporaries, the men that both helped to begin and to encourage the movement forward, we must study out the core theologies of our faith from its infancy. This book has been created as a pocked guide of sorts for studying these theologies and doctrines. This small volume opens with what purports to be the oldest of all Latter Day Saint texts and scripture, the Book of the Law of the Lord. It should not be seen as definitive by any means, as God meets each of us where we are and identifies Himself/Herself/Themselves in a way that we can understand. That is to say that God meets us on our own level. It is our prayer that this book will endeavor to guide and teach Saints of all sects and denominations as we move ever forward towards oneness in our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.


Publication Date
Apr 30, 2022
Religion & Spirituality
Creative Commons NoDerivatives (CC BY-ND)
By (author): The Church of Jesus Christ in Christian Fellowship, By (author): James Strang, By (author): Joseph Smith Jr., By (author): Sidney Rigdon, By (author): Abraham H. Cannon, By (author): David Ferriman, By (author): Kristine Ferriman, By (author): Alexei Christopher Mattanovic


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