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ByPeter BloodAlf Morley

Identical twins Alf and Ernie Morley were committed delinquents at a tender age. Despite a sight disability, they became the thieving scourge of the neighborhood, their school's greatest headache and a source of despair to their family. This, by the age of seven! In their teens they ran riot through Sydney's western suburbs, finding themselves continuously in and out of detention centers. As thieves, no dare was left undone. All was great fun, until one day Alf found himself in prison. It was there he was cold-bloodedly told that brother Ernie had died in a cell whilst in police custody. Alf's grief and anger at his loss was directed towards society and its authorities. He felt society owed him and should pay its debt. This is the story of what he collected – and what he paid. You’ll be angered, charmed, disappointed and enthralled. You’ll want to hit him and you’ll want to hug him. But most of all, you’ll be entertained.


Publication Date
May 8, 2012
Biographies & Memoirs
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By (author): Peter Blood, By (author): Alf Morley



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