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The Law of Feeling

ByAli Altali

Many of us would like to achieve more in our lives, whether on a professional or personal basis or both. There is a great deal of literature available on the internet that considers the so-called ‘law of attraction’ in various formats and provides advice to individuals on ways in which they could improve their lives in terms of their self-perception and capability to best utilise the skills and knowledge they acquire throughout their lifetime. However the content of these sites appears very shallow and is based on an almost evangelical theme; personal beliefs, which have no solid grounding in scientific discipline or professional self-development techniques. This book will give you the magic formula to start your process with no delay if you apply all the steps, which I tried my best to keep it as simple as I can, and I guarantee you that reading this Ebook from your hart will change your life for ever, you will get any thing you dreamed off.


Publication Date
Nov 12, 2013
Personal Growth
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By (author): Ali Altali



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