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Blood War

Blood War

ByAli Barnett Kennedy

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The book is about Jasmine Droshky, an orphan whose parents died when she was little. She is taken to an orphanage where she begins to grow. However, when she is seven years old, some of the older bullies bully her at first. However, she soon realizes in her frustrating moment when she punches a block that her punches have a devastating effect. The next time they come again to try and bully her, there are dire consequences for them as they all land in the hospital. Afterwards, kids at the Orphanage begin to steer clear of her as they are scared of what she can do. When she is fourteen years old, Ortis and Miranda Fenty, a renown but barren scientist couple come along and adopt Jasmine. Jasmine finds it difficult to adjust to the Fenty's as they shower her with love. However, Mr. Ortis Fenty is performing an experiment on how to harness superhuman powers in his laboratory at home when he sees the fourteen old Jasmine doing some exercises and lifting some things that are impossible for a fourteen year old to do. He begins to observe Jasmine and he intimates Miranda about it. They begin to watch Jasmine for a year. Alas, they realize that she has superpowers. They test her and discover that she indeed has superpowers, they then create a mace for her that she can use to fight. We are then made to see that Orgadis Mautus, an evil mutant Lord, has also discovered some youngsters that have superpowers too. He brainwashes them for his evil cause. Soonest, evil things begin to occur in The State of Michigan. Although Ortis and Miranda try to stop her, Jasmine’s power continue to increase and they know they can’t stop her again. Alas, Jasmine goes into battle with Orgadis Mautus. She defeats them and is then left with Orgadis Mautus. During battle with him, they both discover that they cannot overcome themselves. This is when we are made to see that there is a birthmark on both of them's body that is similar. Alas, we are made to see that Orgadis Mautus is her father. In his quest for power, her murdered Jasmine’s mother. Om realizing this, Jasmine uses the pain that he has caused her to use all the power in her mace to kill Orgadis Mautus.


Publication Date
Jul 24, 2020
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): Ali Barnett Kennedy


Perfect Bound
Interior Color
Black & White
Digest (5.5 x 8.5 in / 140 x 216 mm)

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