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Second Language Vocabulary Learning: An Empirical Study

ByAli JahangardSomayeh Akbari

One of the insurmountable obstacles in learning a foreign or a second language is to acquire a huge number of words in a relatively short interlude of time , a conundrum , most of learners have to confront in their attempts to learn a second or foreign language. Assisting learners in tackling the learning of thousands of new words obstacle compels teachers to discover and offer the most effective tasks for vocabulary learning. Most teachers and researchers have been aware of this necessity but most often they have been in a state of indeterminacy as to what practices are the best to help the learners cope with the problem. The present book focuses on the comparison of three different methods of vocabulary instruction in a quasi experimental design and processes the related data through statistical procedures. The findings are discussed with reference to theoretical frameworks which best justify the outcomes.


Publication Date
Nov 14, 2012
Education & Language
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By (author): Ali Jahangard, By (author): Somayeh Akbari



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