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Beyond Genesis: The Untold Story of Man's Origins

ByAllen Epling

Allen Epling, author of Beyond Genesis: The Untold Story of Man's Origins offers an alternative explanation for the origin of man that is unique and different from the usual Creationism versus Evolution debate. Unlike other books on the subject of Genesis that attempt to explain individual events with science, this book pulls the whole story together into a narrative that flows seamlessly from the creation through the flood, and beyond, while maintaining scientific credibility. The author presents timely new explanations for the "myths" of Genesis, based on recent scientific evidence. The theme throughout is that the book of Genesis is accurate historically, and that modern man is the result of a combination of BOTH the evolutionary processes, AND a unique, separate line of man, the one referred to in Genesis. The book also reveals the ultimate "plan" for man and that it is not finished!!


Publication Date
May 3, 2009
Religion & Spirituality
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): Allen Epling



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