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Voices from the Herd: An Anthology For Buffalo, NY

ByAlycia RipleyTom Waters

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Voices From The Herd: An Anthology For Buffalo, NY is a not-for-profit anthology about the present day city of Buffalo. It is a compilation of flash fiction and nonfiction, as well as poetry. Topics include modern day Buffalo life, Buffalo landmarks, and Buffalonians in general. All royalties will go towards the betterment and continued success of the Just Buffalo Literary Center.


Publication Date
Jul 6, 2010
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): Alycia Ripley, By (author): Tom Waters, By (author): Cindy Mantai, By (author): Susan Marie, By (author): Christina Wos Donnelly, By (author): Sadie Worth, By (author): Stephanie Russell Haefner, By (author): Diane Meholick, By (author): Joanna Wos, By (author): Sean Scarisbrick, By (author): Paul Rehac, By (author): George Tutuska, By (author): Ralph Walstrom, By (author): Caitlin Militello, By (author): Todd Shoepflin, By (author): Billy Mariani, By (author): Rachel G. Hunt, By (author): Jeff Schober, By (author): Lesa Quale, By (author): Joe Genco, By (author): Judith Frizlen, By (author): Karen Lewis, By (author): Martha Deed, By (author): Frank Thomas Croisdale, By (author): Charles Forness, By (author): Denise Amodeo Miller, By (author): Dan Sicoli, By (author): Karen Sands-O'Connor, By (author): Carol Townsend, By (author): Marina Blitshteyn, By (author): Jennifer Campbell, By (author): Perry Nicholas, By (author): Peter Fernbach, By (author): Courtney Aja Barton, By (author): John Marvin, By (author): Jane Sadowsky, By (author): Jason Franco


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Interior Color
Black & White
US Trade (6 x 9 in / 152 x 229 mm)

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