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Win Life’s Battles Daily - 12.4.3 Plan - Paperback By Monday Ogwuojo Ogbe

Win Life’s Battles Daily - 12.4.3 Plan - Paperback By Monday Ogwuojo Ogbe

ByAmb Monday Ogwuojo Ogbe

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About the book – Win Life’s Battle Daily - 12.4.3 Plan - paperback Edition Research has shown, truly so, that the average human being thinks over 10,000 thoughts in one day. Such as: - I can do it; I cannot; I hate you; I am a failure; God cannot forgive me; I cannot forgive myself; It is too difficult; it is possible; it is impossible; this land is useless; this job is useless; you are a wicked boy; you are a thief; I am good for nothing etc. Now, how many of those thoughts are centered on God's word? Another discovery I made from the Holy Scriptures was that wars are won and lost in heaven and on earth by words that come from the heart. Which of those words coming out of our hearts is centered on God's word? Which aren't? Win life battle's daily using the 12.4.3 plan will help us dwell on God's word and take our thoughts, corresponding words and actions captive daily. Twelve (12) Scripture Packed, Mind Renewing Declarations to Fuel A Daily Victorious Christian Lifestyle That Manifest In A Fearless, Healthy, Joyful, Loving, Hate-Free, Peaceful, Spirit - Filled, Guiltless, Sinless, High Self - Esteem, Faith-Driven And Vision Accomplishing Living. 12.4.3 Plan is a 12 Minutes. 4 Declarations. 3 Times Plan that helps you and I to be committed to spending a minimum of 36 minutes of your God given 24-hour day being in prayer mode by praying through the Win Life's Battles Daily guide. The 36 minutes’ plan is spread such that every 6 hours of the day, you knock on heaven doors for a minimum of 12 minutes. All it takes to pray and confess through the entire 12 declarations with the bible references is 36 minutes, which is 12 minutes’ maximum per session.


Publication Date
May 19, 2022
Religion & Spirituality
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): Amb Monday Ogwuojo Ogbe


Perfect Bound
Interior Color
Black & White
A4 (8.27 x 11.69 in / 210 x 297 mm)

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