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"Achoo Duet" from ALICE

ByAmy ScurriaZane Corriher

"Achoo Duet" for soprano, mezzo soprano, and piano. From ALICE, the opera. composer Amy Scurria librettist Zane Corriher: ​Text: ​Duchess: More pepper! No more beets! You ninny! You dolt! Nincompoop! You clod! And soon we'll add some bacon! ​Alice: Excuse me! Duchess: More pepper! No more salt! ​Alice:  Pardon, me? Duchess: You ninny! You dolt! Well don't just stand there! Croaking like a frog! Bring me my invitation To play croquet with the Queen. And then be gone! ​Alice: I have no invitation But would very much like to join you. But first, if it's not too bold of me, I haven't eaten much all day. ​Duchess: What's that? ​Alice (Duchess) I have no invitation (Bring me my invitation) But would very much like to join you (To play croquet with the Queen) (More pepper! No more beets!) Excuse me! (You ninny! You dolt!) Excuse me! Pardon, me? (Nincompoop) Excuse me! (You clod!) ​Duchess: And soon we'll add some bacon! ​Alice: I beg your pardon, please. Perhaps your cook is using too much pepper. Because, because (More pepper! No more beets!) I feel that I might AH! (AH!) I feel that I might AH! (OH!) Feel that I might AH! (OH!) That I might AH! I might... Achoo, achoo, achoo ​Duchess: Oh, how rude! Achoo, achoo! ​Alice: No more pepper! ​Duchess: More pepper! Nincompoop! ​Alice: Please stop the pepper! ​Alice and Duchess: Achoo, achoo! Achoo, achoo! Achoo! Achoo! Achoo! Achoo! At me? At you! Achoo, achoo, etc. 3 minutes 15 seconds For further information:


Publication Date
Oct 25, 2023
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): Amy Scurria, Text by: Zane Corriher



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