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Home Cures For Health and Special Household Quick Tips

ByAnastasia Cassella

Anastasia Marie Cassella’s ‘Home Cures For Health And Special Household Quick Tips’ are derived from her own health needs and those of her family. Diagnosed with several illnesses, Anastasia has learned homeopathic remedies from doctors, friends, and family members through her fifty plus years. Determined to fight through her disabilities, she has discovered many short cuts to cleaning and resolving household tasks, in order to save time and energy. She endeavors to share her knowledge of home remedies, that have been passed down through the generations. This book is not meant to circumvent the advice of a physician. It is not meant as a medical guide. She recommends talking to your doctor, before using the homeopathic solutions found in this book. In Anastasia’s case, traditional medications and solutions did not always work as intended, so she resorted to homeopathic solutions. The short cuts provided in the enclosed “household quick tips” are tried and true. The homeopathic and generational solutions are passed down from generation to generation, because they work. 5-Stars: Anastasia is a kind, caring person. She is a good listener. She has given me good advice through the years. Her heart is in the right place. She believes that passing her knowledge along, will improve the lives of others. She was born in Bar Harbor, Maine, and raised in Downeast Maine. Years and years of homeopathic cures and quick tips have been passed down and successfully used. Review by Editor at Book Marketing Global Network.


Publication Date
May 6, 2023
Health & Fitness
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By (author): Anastasia Cassella



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