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The DESTINY CODE: matrix. The way to the true Self.

ByAnastasia J. Gollov

"The Destiny Code" guides its readers on a fascinating journey to discover the true self. The book you are holding in your hands provides you with a highly effective tool to learn all about yourself - a special methodology that allows you to calculate and interpret your Destiny Code using your date of birth. It not only allows you to work out what your own special number code is, but using the prism of esotericism leads its readers to a revolutionary understanding of themselves and the wider universe. This book provides a fascinating way to discover the true self and is imbued with a caring and responsible attitude to its readers. It contains the author's own deeply considered verses in the Native American lyrical epic style, which have been designed to help the reader contemplate the energies present within them through the historical experience of the intersection of sacred knowledge and the human perception of existence. WHO THIS BOOK IS FOR: For Pathfinders! Every person at least once in their life asks a question about themselvs! Everyone is searching for the truth - "Who am I?" and "What is my Destiny? The book answers questions about identity, essence, meaning, and the way we chose to follow. In addition, The Destiny Code gives clear instructions and reveals routes to finding the Truth and coming to a better version of Self. For Esoteric Masters! "The Destiny Code" is for those who already have experience in the sacred knowledge to expand the boundaries of their vision. This book is for those who are able to go above and beyond the generally accepted norms. For those who can and want to consider the multiple layers of reality. For those who see and search for sacred meanings. For Skeptics! Denial of reality is just a poor awareness of the existence of the Self in this real life! If something doesn't seem clear, it's worth to study this question even deeper. The book "The Destiny Code" is the author's view of the numerological system and the tool of self-discovery through the metaphorical system of Esoteric and Magic. It's also a reflection on "Who are we?" and "Where do we go next?" by looking back at the experience of our ancestors. It is a manifesto that calls for sensitivity and consideration for everyone living on Earth.


Publication Date
Jan 19, 2023
Religion & Spirituality
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): Anastasia J. Gollov



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