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The Next Injection

Breaking the Code

ByAndrae Batchan

Friends and enemies seem to switch sides on a regular basis, while continuing to search for answers to solve the Injection Code. Unfortunately, the perfect injection remains just out of reach. The growing desire to be the first to advance the technology, which is deeply embedded in the human body continues to walk all those involved to that line in the sand. Taunting them with the question, “Will you keep walking?” With the thoughts of ambition that dancing around in the heads of a small group of leading scientists, They are lead on a descending path. Each step leads them continuously further from the course they set out on. Eventually they a forced to looked back and acknowledge the trail of death and devastation. Individually they begin to wonder, what type of people could be capable of such chaos. As They look in the mirror becomes harder and harder to hide their blood-stained hands. Each of them question, whether it would be better to turn back and try to make right all of the wrongs; or to continue, so that the lives of all those who met their demise on this quest would not have gone in vain. Some of the group’s members, feel this is no longer about anyone else, and all they see behind them is a crooked trail which only leads to failure. Now success is the only way to straighten the path. succeeding will cement their legacy as the pioneering scientists who took charge in leading the world into a new stage of evolution. As before answers only seem to lead to more questions. For others in the group, one question continuously creeps out from deepest darkest depths of their minds. Is it worth it? Collectively the decisions they make will determine what will happen not only to you, but to everyone around you. So… Is it worth it?


Publication Date
Dec 12, 2021
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): Andrae Batchan



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