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The Journal of My Plague Year

ByAndrea Grenadier

This author asks the gentle reader: have you ever been madly in love and then unceremoniously dumped? If not, then move along—this book is not your book. However, if you answered “yes,” "The Journal of My Plague Year" is a novel of life and love—both lost and found—and the nature of friendship. Written as a modern comedy of manners (with a dash of heartache), the novel follows a year in the life of Aurora Strauss as she navigates her life and work in Philadelphia’s music world with a witty, complex group of loyal friends and family—artists, musicians, a chef, and a Jack Russell terrier. Having formed a rallying carapace around Aurora, they feel helpless in their efforts to help her move on after she is rejected. As Aurora learns to tentatively accept the changes and permutations in her own life as well as those of the people in her orbit, she also finds new meaning in her friendships, and her acceptance of trust in the possibilities of love.


Publication Date
Sep 11, 2011
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): Andrea Grenadier



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