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Day 1-101 things to consider on Day 1 of your cycle when you're trying to conceive

ByAndrea Lavallee

This book is all about giving you hope and understanding for when yet another Day 1 comes around and you realize you are not pregnant (yet again): that you never give up hope. This book is to help you stay positive on day 1, and in the mean time, will help you to make good use of your time, energy and emotion to look forward to a happy conception. Each day 1 that comes and goes, you want to try something new: something that you were not doing in your previous cycle. Sometimes it’s about changing or doing one simple thing that will make a difference. This book gives you 101 options. Throughout the book, I will be giving you suggestions and tips for things you could be doing to reduce stress, ways to improve your diet and your outlook, and options for things you can do, as well as ways to stay on the path to conception, because the baby wants to come into your reality just as much as you want it here with you - but sometimes, it is up to you.


Publication Date
Aug 3, 2013
Parenting & Families
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By (author): Andrea Lavallee



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