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The Earth… But Not As We Know It: An Exploration

ByAndrew Johnson

Most of us who have an interest in the planet we live on have seen diagrams showing the Earth’s interior. We are told it is very hot and made of iron. Is this really true? How far have we actually “dug down” to find this “hot ball of iron”? Where did our enormous oceans come from and have they always been here? And anyway, how did our planet form? Have you ever looked at a map and noticed how the east coast of Africa seems to fit against the west coast of South America – as if they were pieces of some enormous continental jigsaw? Has our planet always been the same size, or has it grown since it formed? Why do some people think we might live on a “hollow earth?” And how was it possible for the dinosaurs to grow to such enormous size, millions of years ago? How are all these questions even related to each other? In this book we will try to find some answers to these questions by looking at the research of Dr James Maxlow and others.


Publication Date
Nov 14, 2019
Science & Medicine
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By (author): Andrew Johnson



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