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The Long Road to Augusta

The Long Road to Augusta

ByAndrew Peet

Bob’s choices along the way shape his life. Bob never second guessed himself. He picks up golf as a teen and becomes totally entrenched in the passion and tradition of the game. Every time it seems like Bob is about to reach a golfing or personal pinnacle, something happens to prevent him from obtaining this goal. You end up feeling sorry for Bob and wondering if he will achieve his goal. His goal is a mystery to himself as you follow the story. He thinks he knows his goal in life, but in the end he really did not understand his goal or his purpose in life. His struggle turns out to be his destiny. However, Bob is never discouraged by any downtrodden events. Many sad and sorrowful events seem to follow this guy along the way like a bad cold. He strives to achieve certain milestones that he thinks makes him happy, but in the end, the journey itself is what really made him happy. It just took him 60 years to figure it out.


Publication Date
Nov 1, 2011
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): Andrew Peet



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