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GMA1: Cult of The Rat God for 1e | 2e | OSRIC RPG hardcover revision 3

ByAndy Castillo

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GMA1: Cult of The Rat God (revision 2). The party arrives in the City of Genepa, a thriving port and trade town where they explore the city and seek adventure. Their inquiries lead them to a troll and reptile infested swamp, in search of an elusive group of slavers that are reputed to be lead by a wererat bandit and his wife, The Rat King and The Rat Queen. Meanwhile, a necromancer is busy, secretly plying his trade in or about the Ratmire District and the Planned Afterlife Cemetery. As undead start to rampage throughout sections of the city each night, the council summons the players to investigate the cause of these serious disturbances. This leads the players down a perilous path of uncovering the Cult of The Rat God! Love is eternal. The Rat King and The Rat Queen should know. Your search has led you here to their kingdom. Are you ready for a most perilous adventure? Herein is a terrible fortress, a haunted cemetery, a dank crypt, infested caves and a large territory for you to explore. A large overland map and encounter charts that are tailored to your travels await you within. Treacherous traps and agonizing death beckon to you expectantly. Will you succumb to The Curse of The Rat God? Here is a heroic adventure for character levels 3-7. This game module uses the 1st Edition RPG rules of the world's greatest role playing game as they appear in the OSR variant of those rules, OSRIC RPG. It is compatible and easily convertible to any OSR/Old School 1st Edition variant such as Old School Essentials, Astonishing Swordsmen & Sorcerers of Hyperborea, Sword & Sorcery or any other variant in the OSR. Armor Class in descending and ascending format, Thac0, Basic Attack Bonuses are provided, making this module compatible with 1st edition, 2nd edition and 3/3.5 editions of the world's most famous role-playing game in most of its editions. A 5th Edition version is also available as a separate book.


Publication Date
Nov 13, 2021
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): Andy Castillo


Case Wrap
Interior Color
US Letter (8.5 x 11 in / 216 x 279 mm)

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