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Canals and Dams! With 25 Science Projects for Kids

Canals and Dams! With 25 Science Projects for Kids

ByAnita Yasuda

Illustrated by Mike Crosier. Canals and Dams! With 25 Science Projects for Kids invites readers to investigate the waterways that help the world run! Through fun facts and engaging content, readers explore record-breaking structures and learn about the physics that make canals and dams work! Elementary-aged kids discover how hundreds of years of innovation created the canals and dams we know today and how this technology affects people and the environment. Links to primary sources offer a unique, interactive learning experience, while fun facts, engaging illustrations, timeline, glossary, and lots of resources keep kids wanting to learn more about the engineering design process. Canals and Dams! is part of a set of four Explore Engineering books in which readers ages 7 to 10 develop foundational understanding of the physics that guides the building and maintenance of bridges, canals, dams, tunnels, and skyscrapers. Other titles in the Explore Engineering set include Bridges!, Tunnels!, and Skyscrapers!


Publication Date
Jun 29, 2018
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By (author): Anita Yasuda



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