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Dating Guide for Men

ByAnthony Ekanem

What do women really want? This is a question that has baffled men since the beginning of time. And men are nowhere closer to understanding women than we were when we huddled around an open fire every night and lived in caves. Why are women so difficult to understand? It is simply because we try to understand them from a man's point of view without knowing the basic premise that women think differently from men. Women are wired differently from men, and men cannot understand them on a logical level, which is the way men approach almost everything in life. Think about it. What do we do when we get together for some fun? We are not sharing feelings. No, we drink, talk about sports and other bland subjects which are a hidden form of competition. You know the “mine is bigger than yours” syndrome. However, for men, this is natural. On the other hand, when women gather, they share their feelings; they watch movies and talk about the newest diet or gossip news in town. You see, women are largely driven by emotion. Just as men need logic and structure, women need emotion. Men thrive on competition, power and domination, while women care less about them. The idea is that, if you want to be able to date any woman, no matter how attractive she might be, you need to know what drives her, what her underlying motives are. Now, do not take this the wrong way because many women have no idea of what drives them or what their motives are. It is the way nature has wired them. However, just as you need to know what drives women, you need to stop worrying about whether it makes sense. It is never going to make sense to us as men because we see things differently. But, if you know the woman’s weak buttons, you will be able to play her some sweet music that she will not be able to resist. Remember, knowledge is power, and you like power. Don't you? Well, learn what drives women, and then you will have them in droves.


Publication Date
Aug 9, 2015
Parenting & Families
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By (author): Anthony Ekanem



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