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Supporting the Psychological Well-Being of the Elderly. Triggering Thoughts of the Past, Alongside the Thinking Still Needed For Today.

ByAnthony French

Cognitive health in the elderly is vital, of course, it is key to psychological well-being; it is also fragile and can decline with age. Normal cognitive decline in the elderly can result in memory lapses, forgetfulness, and an increase in the time it takes to learn or recall information. This decline in mental acuity, whilst expected, can in some instances also lead to mild cognitive impairment (MCI), the stage in cognitive decline prior to more serious neurologic disorders or dementia. Helping an elderly loved one stay mentally active may lessen cognitive decline and the risk of progression. Thinkwich is a book of thirty, specially arranged question lists designed for a family to use, to stimulate deeper thinking and mental activity on the part of an elderly relative. Questions about the senior's past are sandwiched between light general questions, or those involving memory or logic. Allowing your elderly relative to engage in reminiscence about specific events in days gone by, while also actively using the thinking and recall skills needed for daily life.   (*To get an idea.. please find an extract below. ) Of course, the very act of using the book with the relative concerned also helps in terms of sociability, another key area of mental health; it provides a good opportunity for those involved to engage and interact in a meaningful way. If thinkwich can make even a small difference in the cognitive health of someone you care about, then we've accomplished our goal. So with that, it's over to you. Please note: This book is not suitable for use in situations involving serious cognitive decline or dementia. *Extract from first question list (The questions are asked by the family, face-to-face or via a video call/ regular call): TW1 H=Hint/ A= Answer) Try to memorize this card sequence (You'll be asked again at the end of the quiz!): 7 Hearts, 4 Hearts, 7 Diamonds (repeat x2) Can you recall a comedy show you used to watch way back when? If so, can you remember the names of any of the stars involved? If water is 5 and tea is 3 what is coffee? H: Letters/Number of letters / A: 6 In which town or city were you born? Did you stay there? if not, where did you move to next? In the well-known song, in which US state were the Blue Ridge Mountains? H: State beginning with V / A: Virginia --- Thinkwich is also available in ebook format.


Publication Date
Mar 12, 2023
Health & Fitness
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): Anthony French



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