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Pearls of Juggling

A Journey into The Art of Juggling for Performers and Enthusiasts

ByAnthony Gordon TrahairScuola di Comics

Pearls of Juggling isn’t just a book on Juggling. It’s the philosophy of a juggling lifestyle. A manual that takes the juggling artist on the road to greater satisfaction whether he intends to perform to massive audiences or small familiar group or even to him or herself! It stands in a special place among juggling books for it's practical, inspirational and artistic approach. I know Anthony Personally and know the cure and dedication he's put into this book. It really is an amazing book. After the successful pilot run Pearls of Juggling is ready for world distribution. Here’s an extract from the preface by Dave Finnigan, Author of “The Complete Juggler” and “The Zen of Juggling” “At last the companion book to all my previous work has been written, filling many of the blank spaces in the tapestry and fleshing out the details in areas I merely skimmed. This is the kind of book that you need to read once to see the entire strand of about 150 pearls as a whole, and then you can pick up those pearls one by one when you need them, examine them, and discover their place in the strand.” Pearls of Juggling is a book that expresses in a simple and clear way the results of my work with jugglers, my idea is to inspire and suggest rather than lay out rules. David Cain, Juggling Historian, goes on to say: “The resulting book is quite unique and covers a vast array of subjects useful to a performing juggler without ever teaching a single trick. In fact, very little mention is made of specific juggling tricks at all. Many other books, videos, and other resources are available for learning specific tricks and types of juggling. Pearls Of Juggling, however, focuses on a wide variety of topics that other books rarely, if ever, mention.


Publication Date
Jun 5, 2022
Crafts & Hobbies
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By (author): Anthony Gordon Trahair, Illustrated by: Scuola di Comics, Foreword by: Dave Finnigan



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