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The Secret of a Wonderful Life: The Adventures of a Life That Will Motivate You and Will Show You the Way to Continue Forward

ByAntulio Meneses

In this book, I want to touch your soul and heart when you are reading these lines. Yes, I want that as you read these pages, you could travel with me through time; that you can live and experience palpably, the adventures of a life. That you can travel with me to the places of the past, and that you can feel in the depth of your heart, that you have been transported precisely to the same place of these narratives. I want us to live this story together, to fly with me to the highest regions, in the unimaginable wings of thought. I want to take you on paths of indescribable beauty. For unfathomable places of serenity, sweetness, and blessing. Let us travel together in the wagons of time, in the mysterious railway of existence. And that we reach the highest peaks, to see from the heights, the wonderful traces of our own imagination. After reading this story, I'm sure you will be fascinated, and you will have to read the whole book one more time. (The author)


Publication Date
Mar 17, 2019
Biographies & Memoirs
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By (author): Antulio Meneses



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