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Wolf Chases Tiger

Recuerda a Los Tigres Book 1

ByArmando Heredia

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A story of survival, romance and pride that revolves around three main Mexican American characters in 1950’s era South Texas. Ricardo DelGato, aka El Tigre is a fiery tempered red-haired man who, out of survival, takes on a job as a courier for a mysterious cartel from Mexico into Southern Texas. He was given the nickname El Tigre, (the Tiger), due to both his fiery hair and fierce temperament as a boy. Due to his red hair and fair skin, Ricardo has been ostracized by his own people, nor does he see himself as truly “American”. He is a misfit, whose one true aim is to survive and become the stuff of legend. His friend and ally, Johnny Juan is by his side as they face the harsh climate and even more dangerous Villalobos. La Rosenda is a beautiful young woman living in the shadow of her brother, the leader of a large criminal syndicate. She is fiercely independent, while still yearning for a love that will both capture her and set her free from the empty life that she is forced to live. Her brother’s position and influence create an island in which he is king and gives her very few choices or prospects for a meaningful life. Enrique is a hard-hearted man, who scratched and clawed his way to a place of power and influence. He is the first generation and the leader of MALO (Mexican American Lobos), a criminal syndicate that reaches from Mexico into Southern and West Texas. Enrique lives by his own rigid code and has developed into a local community leader in the small and unlikely town of Uvalde. Here he controls a vast organization and the fate of many young, talented and loyal men. Their worlds collide in a tangle of violence, revenge, loyalty, and love.


Publication Date
Jun 9, 2024
Comics & Graphic Novels
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By (author): Armando Heredia


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Black & White
US Trade (6 x 9 in / 152 x 229 mm)

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