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What Is Love? No. 1

International Art Exhibition Series Catalog

ByArt Impact International

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Art Impact® International is pleased to present the first of the series, What Is Love? International Art Exhibition. We now launch addressing LOVE according to the artists of our modern day culture. What Is Love? provides a platform to discuss and circulate the idea of Love. The artwork includes mixed media paintings, photography, fiber art and spoken word videos. The artists point to triumphs and challenges across the globe. Thirty-three artists unite to make a positive impact with their art, reminding our global society that love is real. Our united impact is geared toward changing the ethics of our global society, ​making a positive change, asking friends, family, caregivers, and teachers to provide a loving spirit for themselves and others. Love is a critical factor in the survival of our existence on Earth. Those living with love right now are the only promise of our good future. What we do or don't do with or for each other will determine the outcome of our progress or downfall. What we put in or take out, rip away from or grant to our own bodies and those of our world will determine humankind's destiny. Artists, through their art, give voice to culture, transcending boundaries and contributing to the creative economy. Art Impact® International strives to promote artists at all levels along their creative careers. We provide artists with quality opportunities to exhibit, and encourage them to create great works on an ongoing basis. We nurture their growth and development through business training, promotion, marketing, and exhibition opportunities. Please do support the exhibiting artists so we may continue to advance good on Earth. Art Impact® International invites you to be inspired as you enjoy the benefits of beautiful art with a beautiful theme, Love.


Publication Date
Apr 13, 2023
Art & Photography
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Selected by: Art Impact International


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