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The Earth Of: Aggregate in Repose

Writing Through Convergent Boundaries

ByArts Letters & NumbersChristine Lorenz

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A project of Arts Letters & Numbers, with a preface by David Gersten. Edited and designed by Christine Lorenz. Preface by Ginger Teppner, who developed Aggregate in Repose as a six-week writing workshop with Andrew Helton. With contributions by Terri Abruzzo, Feiyi Bie, Evan Burgess, Elizabeth Cone, Andrew Helton, Monica Lacey, Michael Larsen, Christine Lorenz, Carol McGorry, Tyler Rai, Dhooleka Raj, and Ginger Teppner. The Earth Of: Aggregate in Repose is an exercise in the potential for the erasure of both the document and the ability to document. That is to say, the convergent and divergent boundaries between knowing and forgetting: the tectonic shift that creates new landscapes with old scars. Where does this narrative happen? It is sliding past the word. When does this narrative happen? Always, and in a singular breath: inhale some, exhale other. To whom does this narrative happen? The reader (as an oceanic plate as you) and the author (as a continental plate as me). Sometimes there is a desire to write the unwritten: What do I know that I do not want to know? Sometimes the need is to unwrite the need: The futility of attempting to summon awareness. The Earth Of arose from the global pandemic that called a halt to Arts Letters & Numbers’ residency programs in 2020. Part online writing workshop, part collaborative research, The Earth Of has cultivated a range of working methods in visual art, performance, poetry, architecture, and philosophy. This is the second volume of writings from this project.


Publication Date
Sep 17, 2022
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By (author): Arts Letters & Numbers, Edited by: Christine Lorenz, Foreword by: David Gersten, Preface by: Ginger Teppner


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Black & White
US Trade (6 x 9 in / 152 x 229 mm)

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