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The Sanskrit Alphabet with Vedic Extensions

The Sanskrit Alphabet with Vedic Extensions

ByAshwini Kumar Aggarwal

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The Sanskrit Alphabet consists of 56 Letters. There are Vowels, Semivowels, Row Class Consonants, Sibilants and the Aspirate. The Alphabet is called अक्षरम् in Sanskrit. Each letter is clearly enunciated with correct movement of the Tongue. Nasals lend a distinct twang and the Vedic chants are a delight to hear because of Accented Vowels. Reading an Avagraha, Ayogavaha, Visarga and Anusvara is properly explained as all the letters of the Alphabet are laid out threadbare. A section on Unicodes and Typesetting in Devanagari with fonts and keyboard IME supporting Vedic Extensions adds relevant value. While reading Vedic Texts, we notice some letters, characters and symbols that are in addition to the standard Sanskrit Alphabet. These characters are the accent marks, sandhi symbols, additional letters and punctuation, that are found in Vedic Sanskrit. There are various samhita recensions of the Veda manuscripts available today, and they differ in the usage of accents and symbols, and also in the enunciation while chanting aloud. Each ashram and gurukul and pundit or scholar needs to be aware of the tone and pitch during recitation and chanting of the Vedas. Even university professors and researchers delving into the Vedas need to be aware of the correct meaning and application of these verses. Furthermore, as we move from offset printing and metal type setting to the computer and smartphone era, this book serves as an invaluable resource. This book builds upon our popular title "The Sanskrit Alphabet". Infused with manuscript passages from the Satapatha Brahmana, Vajasaneyi Madhyandina Samhita, Samaveda and Krishna Yajurveda to illustrate Vedic Symbols. A useful and complete book for the novice, the amateur or the Scholar.


Publication Date
Feb 8, 2021
Education & Language
Creative Commons ShareAlike (CC BY-SA)
By (author): Ashwini Kumar Aggarwal


Case Wrap
Interior Color
Black & White
US Trade (6 x 9 in / 152 x 229 mm)

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