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Tales of People Who Get It

ByAvil Beckford

What compels us to seek mentors? It could be to learn a skill, open doors, act as our champion, or any number of other reasons. Napoleon Hill had what he called Invisible Counselors, people whom he admired and wanted to imitate. He spent countless hours studying them because he knew the importance of emulating successful people. Hill allowed these Invisible Counselors to mentor him. He held imaginary council meetings, which he chaired, and called on each member to acquire specific knowledge. Tales of People Who Get It provides you with 34 Invisible Mentors to guide you by sharing their decades of practical experiences. Their words will mentor you, and like Napoleon Hill, you can chair imaginary council meetings with them. Research studies indicate that people who are mentored earn more, get more promotions and have longer job tenures. Your Invisible Mentors share their thoughts on solving everyday challenges, work-life balance, influential books, the formula for success and much more.


Publication Date
Sep 30, 2011
Business & Economics
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By (author): Avil Beckford



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