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The Blade's Edge Boxset - The Complete Series

ByAvionne Celestin

Explicit Content
All four sizzling novels in one erotic read !!! ROMAN As the COO of his family’s business, Roman Blade is accustomed to being the one in charge and the firstborn son of the Blade clan has developed a reputation as an unfeeling ogre, a notoriety on which he prides himself. But the inflexible self-control he has spent years cultivating suddenly abandons him when he hires Sydney Foster to be his new Executive Assistant. The spunky redhead drives him to distraction from day one and he soon finds himself falling head over heels in love with her. But their budding romance is tested when he suspects that his younger brother may also be falling for her, and things turn ugly when a secret from her past is abruptly brought out into the open. GAVIN Gavin Blade has always lived by one simple rule: Family comes first! But he begins to question that allegiance after meeting Oscar-winning actress, Angel Abraham. He is drawn to the blond bombshell, and his timid heart, though aware that she could be gone in the blink of an eye, forges a connection with her. But his relationship with the actress threatens to sever the tie that has always been a part of his life, and he finds himself faced with the impossible task of choosing between the only woman with whom he has ever wanted to build a life and his loyalty to the family that has thus far been his life. TYSON Tyson Blade yearns for a quiet life, free of the drama that seems to go hand in hand with relationships, and believes that his career-oriented girlfriend is the perfect match for him. But after he comes face to face with the woman who once broke his heart, his life is thrown into turmoil. Harlequin Steele has returned to Caden Falls and, in a twist of fate, is dating his best friend. But, as Tyson soon discovers, love has no expiration date. And he finds himself sucked into a world of lies and deceptions as old flames are rekindled. DEVIN Devin Blade has spent his entire adult life running from commitment, and he refuses to allow any woman into the inner sanctum of his heart. But a chance encounter with a shy accountant turns his world upside-down. Rebecca Maine is unlike any woman he has ever known. He finds himself inexplicably drawn to her, in spite of his conscious attempts to deny his attraction, and his life is suddenly thrown into a whirlwind of chaos as he begins to crave the very things he has so carefully avoided. ***WARNING: CONTAINS COARSE LANGUAGE WHICH SOME READERS MAY FIND OFFENSIVE.


Publication Date
Nov 29, 2021
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): Avionne Celestin



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