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Naum Faiq - Kawkab Madenho

Kawkab Madenho 1910-1912 - Volume 1 (Issue 1, July 1910 - Issue 20, April 1911)

ByAbboud ZeitouneJan Beṯ-Şawoce

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Naum Faiq Palakh is unquestionably considered a mastermind of the Assyrian national movement. In his long career as a journalist, writer and activist, he has left a great legacy. His works seemed to be completely lost since his death in 1930. But through painstaking work, a large part of his writings could be located again. From July 16th 1910 Naum started publishing Kawkab Madënẖo (Eastern Star) as bi-weekly magazine. The publication stopped with Faiq’s forced migration to the United States in 1912. The periodical Kawkab Madënẖo was hardly accessible for two reasons: First, a century after its first appearance it has only been possible to discover film copies of the magazine in New York‘s Public Library. Apparently, the magazine‘s subscriber, Gabriel Boyaji, who lived in the United States, had donated the publication to the Library of New York and luckily it was archived on microfilm. The second reason for its inaccessibility is that the contents are mainly written in handwritten Garšuni (Ottoman and Arabic) and as such can only be deciphered by experts. Garšuni has been a preferred method for writing both secular and religious texts since the spread of Arabic in the North Mesopotamian region among the Assyrians while utilizing Syriac alphabet. This volume containing the first 20 issues of Kawkab Madënẖo is the gratifying result of an extensive and time-consuming effort by a small team dedicated to take the challenge of presenting the hitherto almost inaccessible contents of the first magazine of the best-known Assyrian journalist, Naum Faiq.


Publication Date
Jan 21, 2022
Turkish, Ottoman
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By (author): Abboud Zeitoune, By (author): Jan Beṯ-Şawoce, By (author): Aydin Be-Naqše


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Black & White
Executive (7 x 10 in / 178 x 254 mm)

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