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The Diary of a Russian Spy

don't tell them I cried

ByAzee. Awal

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Hunted by the Chinese triad, the honor-bound Yakuza, the Bratva as well as the CIA and its most notorious black budget units, the orphan-turned spy has to question his own allegiance as he braves the bloodiest battles and heavy odds to survive in the whirlwind world of espionage. This is an explosive, page-turning biography of a covert Soviet operative who managed to survive the largest manhunt ever sanctioned. Trained by one of the most ruthless Soviet intelligence officer, this boy becomes a legendary spy and disregards ideological differences as he embarks on a journey across the Atlantic. This is a captivating story of deception and espionage that transcends faith and nationalities. An orphan and the last of the KGB, who braves the wildest peril learns that the world is not what is seems to be. When friends are forced against each other, and lovers are recruited to subvert, the only person a spy can trust is himself. Everywhere he goes, torture and destruction follows. And loved ones are condemned to the worst fate. A story of heartache and betrayal, unrequited love and corruption, this book explores maddening events taking place in the heart of the busiest cities which affects even the silent watcher of the stars. Find out how a young boy becomes embroiled in the transnational web of death and subterfuge but holds on to the memories of castaway love. Forced to work for League 13, a mysterious, and ubiquitous black ops division of the NSA, the young spy is forced headlong into a deadly game of subversion where he must lead espionage and counterintelligence operations against the very people who trained him. While he gains popularity in this totalitarian unit, the spy faces sinister obstacles from faceless enemies, often people he loved and sometimes those he betrayed.


Publication Date
Dec 15, 2020
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): Azee. Awal


Interior Color
Black & White
US Trade (6 x 9 in / 152 x 229 mm)

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