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Escape from Homeland / گریز از وطن

Exodus Memoir (November 1983-December 1984) / خاطرات خروج (آذر 1362- دی 1363)

ByBabak Nilipour / بابک نیلی‌پورHadi Kamyab / هادی کامیاب

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Escape from Homeland: Exodus Memoir (November 1983-December 1984) The book you have in hand is the memoir of a dear friend who died unexpectedly during the Covid-19 pandemic in a hospital in Hamburg. A week before he died, he sent me seven notebooks in which he had documented his escape from Iran. Part travelogue, part journaling and daily diary, and still part ethnography of places and people encountered, these notebooks were filled during his long journey. They tell at once the bittersweet story of Iranians who go through this ordeal to save their own and their families’ lives at a time of crisis and oppression in Iran and the story of other immigrants and displaced people from all over the world. His narrative is as layered and multifaceted as the journey itself: it starts with the dangerous journey of a family of three through heavy snow in winter, but as it goes on, we meet more and more diverse asylum-seekers forced out of their homelands for different reasons. This is our story, yours and mine, a story of the tragic displacement of people who set off for unknown lands in search of security and happiness, in search of a bit of freedom. This is the story of people who share the same pain, though they may not all have the same fate.


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Mar 10, 2023
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By (author): Babak Nilipour / بابک نیلی‌پور, Revised by: Hadi Kamyab / هادی کامیاب


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