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Chandra Shekhar, A Bengali Novel

ByBankim Chandra Chattopadhyay

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The 27th June of the year 1838 is a red-letter day in the history of Bengal. It shall ever be remembered, with pride and glory, by the millions of the Bengali-speaking race, as the birthday of that master-mind – that great literary genius – the late Rai Bahadur Bankim Chandra Chatterjee, C.I.E., the immortal author of the well-known novel, Chandra Shekhar. The year 1874 will also not be forgotten, and will, by all means, leave an imperishable landmark in the annals of the Bengali literature; for, it was in that year that Chandra Shekhar with all its literary beauty and elegance – rich thoughts and sentiments – and above all, with its masterly finished pictures and characters, was contributed to the world’s treasure of literature by the great man whose stamp of genius it bears. It is neither my desire nor is it possible to attempt here to analyse the various remarkable factors and ingredients which constituted the wonderful intellectual stamina and the striking personality of the renowned Bengali novelist, and which were, more than anything else, responsible for the brilliant fulfilment of the noble and epoch-making mission for which he lived and died to the glory of his country. It is also not within my scope or aim to furnish my readers with an analytical criticism of the literary merits of the great work, I have translated, and which manifests in a striking manner the admirable intellectual faculties and literary excellence with which its distinguished author was endowed. To assign to Bankim Chandra his right place in the history of the Bengali literature – to give an accurate idea of the exact character of an intellect so complex and acute – and to unmistakably trace out the prospective and retrospecticve effects of its influence on the Bengali literature – is not an easy task. Suffice it to say, that Bankim Chandra renovated and improved the Bengali language and, in one word, so remodelled it as to bring it in contact with the modern Bengali life. As regards Chandra Shekhar, I have already said that my readers should not look for an accurate and elaborate exposition of the beauty and grandeur of that great work of art, in this short prefatory note. Besides, if I would attempt at a detailed criticism of the whole work, here, it would deprive, at least, a particular section of my probable readers of that enjoyment which their unfamiliarity with the plot and the characters of the story will afford to them in the first reading. I shall, therefore, simpl


Publication Date
Jan 9, 2022
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By (author): Bankim Chandra Chattopadhyay


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