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The Truth!! By a woman who fought back!

The Truth!! By a woman who fought back!

ByBella Crowe

A life of lies, deceit and abuse. As a naive sixteen year old i was bowled over by a seemingly thoughtful and caring gentleman. **READERS REVIEW** This is not a conventional autobiography; it is more of a reflection - albeit an animated one- on a series of incidents, some of which were really terrible, that deeply affected Beverley's life, and she takes us back, into experiences where she sometimes experienced heartbreak. It is written in an intimate, conversational style; Beverley invites the reader to share in her experiences, she lays her life out for the reader, she does not hold back. It has much darkness-what life does not? But Beverley has experienced more than most-but also light, we hope, at the end of the tunnel, as Beverley understands how different as people are Joseph and Steve. It is full of insight into a personal life.I believe that this short but very moving personal account would find a readership.


Publication Date
Sep 28, 2011
Biographies & Memoirs
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By (author): Bella Crowe




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